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8/6/4 路同步采樣輸入 真雙極性模擬輸入范圍:±10 V、±5 V 與最新的 AD7606B 引腳兼容 單個 5 V 模擬電源和 2.3 V 到 5 V VDRIVE 電源 完全集成的數據采集解決方案 模擬輸入鉗位保護 具有 1 MΩ 模擬輸入阻抗的輸入緩沖區 二階抗混疊模擬濾波器 片內精準基準電壓源和參考緩沖區 16 位 ADC,所有通道都具有 200 kSPS 的采樣率




ADCS8162  8-Channel DAS with 16-Bit,   Bipolar Input, Simultaneous Sampling ADC

1.       General Description

The ADCS8162 is 16-bit, simultaneous sampling, analog-to-digital data acquisition systems (DAS) with 8-channels, respectively. Each part contains analog input clamp protection, a second-order antialiasing filter, a 16-bit charge redistribution successive approximation analog-to- digital converter (ADC), a flexible digital filter, a 2.5 V reference and reference buffer, and high speed serial and parallel interfaces.

The ADCS8162 operate from a single 5 V supply and can accommodate ±10 V and ±5 V true bipolar input signals while sampling at throughput rates up to 200 kSPS for all channels. The input clamp protection circuitry can tolerate voltages up to ±16.5 V. The ADCS8162 has 1 M? analog input impedance regardless of sampling frequency. The single supply operation, on-chip filtering, and high input impedance eliminate the need for driver op amps and external bipolar supplies.

The ADCS8162 antialiasing filter has a 3 dB cutoff frequency of 22 kHz and provides 40 dB antialias rejection when sampling at 200 kSPS. The flexible digital filter is pin driven, yields improvements in SNR, and reduces the 3 dB bandwidth.

2.       Features and Benefits

Single-Supply Operation from 2.5V~ 5.5V

8 simultaneously sampled inputs

True bipolar analog input ranges: ±10 V, ±5 V

Single 5 V analog supply and 2.3 V to 5 V VDRIVE

Analog input clamp protection

Input buffer with 1 M? analog input impedance

Second-order antialiasing analog filter

On-chip accurate reference and reference buffer with 5ppm/ drift

16-bit ADC with 200 kSPS on all channels

Oversampling capability with digital filter

Flexible parallel/serial interface SPI/QSP/MICROWIR /DSP  compatible


7 kV ESD rating on analog input channels 89 dB SNR, ?106 dB THD

±0.5 LSB INL, ±0.5 LSB DNL

Low power: 130 mW Standby mode: 35 mW

Temperature range: ?40°C to 125°C

64-lead LQFP package

3.       Applications

Power-line monitoring and protection systems

Multiphase motor control

Instrumentation and control systems

Multiaxis positioning systems

Data acquisition systems (DAS)


4.       Device Information







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